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See what Local Hero™ users are saying about us.

I have been extremely happy with our Local Hero™ campaigns. The campaigns take less than 5 mins to setup and run. The sales increases during campaigns have been more than 20%. It has been providing new customers and getting lapsed customers back into my store. This is a tool I had been missing and my store has seen great success with it.
Quiznos Franchisee (KS)
In less than two minutes, you can build a campaign to reach thousands of people. We never would have had the resources to advertise on Facebook, Hulu, YouTube all at the same time.
Five Guys Franchisee (SC, NC, TN)
The most effective thing you (Local Hero™) are doing is advertising to me. It reminds me that I need to launch campaigns. I see the ads every day which makes me think you are targeting my customers every day as well.
Five Guys Franchisee (NY)