Local Hero™ Terms Of Use For Monthly Plans

The following terms and conditions apply to Local Hero’s™ Monthly Plans. These terms are subject to and incorporate our Local Hero™ Terms of Use Agreement (“ToU”). Please access your My Account sectionto find the ToU applicable to you, or view our general ToU here.

We offer one or more Monthly Plans—current offerings are shown below. Each Plan provides a certain number of monthly deliverables and marketing channels, as described below. We may modify or remove an existing Plan, or add new Plans, at any time. In the event a Plan you are currently subscribed to is being modified or removed, we will give you notice 30 days prior to such change going into effect.

Plans are subscribed on a month-to-month basis. By signing up for a Plan, you authorize us to charge your credit card each month for the price shown below. Monthly charges will take place automatically, on or about the monthly anniversary of your initial sign-up, until such time as you cancel your Plan or it is otherwise terminated. In the event your payment method does not authorize (e.g., due to insufficient funds), you will not be signed up for the Plan, or, in the event of an unauthorized recurring payment, your Plan will be automatically terminated. We utilize Stripe and its affiliates as our payment processor. You agree to all their terms and conditions applicable to you, as they may be amended from time to time. Please see https://stripe.com/.

You may cancel your Plan at any time by contacting Local Hero. If a plan is canceled within the final week of the current plan month, it will not renew, and you will not be charged any further. Your monthly anniversary date shall be the same date, or next-highest date, in the current month as that of your original sign-up date. If a plan is canceled at any other time, a pro-rata refund based on the number of remaining weeks in the current plan period will be provided. We will continue to provide services to you through your monthly anniversary date.

Monthly Plans

Ignition Plan includes the following available features: any two ads each month; static animated and video formatted ads; corporate approval; local creative; 48 hour turnaround; any three media channels excluding Connected TV; audience segmenting; custom local targeting; machine learning; and a monthly reporting call.

Launch Plan includes the following available features: everything in the Ignition Plan including any three ads each month; weekly ad rotations; any four media channels excluding Connected TV; population center targeting; and a multi-store program.

Boost Plan includes the following available features: everything in the Ignition and Launch Plan including any four ads each month; run multiple ads simultaneously; any media channels including Connected TV, Facebook, Instagram, Waze, Google Maps, YouTube, and Snapchat.

Lightspeed Plan includes the following available features: everything in the Ignition, Launch, and Boost Plans including any number of ads each month; custom reporting; personal analytics manager; large market multi-store program; VIP access to new offers.

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